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Colour Management

Colourgen`s Colour Management service is targeted at customers that are demanding more accurate and consistent colour on a wide range of printing media and substrates for a variety of applications. We have invested heavily in the tools, skills and resources to be able to offer customised ICC Profiling.

In today`s market place corporate companies want to be able to print on to a multitude of materials and substrates ranging from canvas to PVC and just about everything in between. Marketeers and advertisers demand that corporate logos be consistent with the emphasis on achieving exact colours,  Colourgen`s Colour Management service helps make this achievable.

Customised ICC Profiling provides customers with a dedicated ICC profile for their own particular requirements. This service is performed on-site by one of Colourgen`s colour specialists and will ensure a greater level of accuracy than most standard `out-of-the-box` profiles.

Product Product Code RRP (£)
On-Site Media Profile CCMS-OSMP 450.00
Additional Profile CCMS-ICC-ADD 200.00


The Additional Profile can only be taken in conjunction with the On-Site Media Profile.


Remote Colour profiling

Our CarePlus Remote Profiling Service offers excellent value with a single profile costing just £60 (ex VAT). Simply follow the instructions below on how to order and your colour profiles will be despatched within 4 days.

Please note that this service is only available to customers who print directly through their Epson drivers. If you are using a RIP and require a custom profile, please call for a quote.


  1. To start, click here to download the Colourgen Remote Profiling Pack
    To decompress the files you will need to use WinZip (Windows users) or Stuffit (Mac users)
  2. Prepare the printer by following the instructions in the enclosed PDF file (Remote Printing Instructions.pdf)
    To view the PDF file you will need to use the Adobe Reader
  3. Set up Photoshop as per the instructions to ensure that the Colourgen RGB profiling target is printed without colour management.
  4. Select the suitable colour target for your printer.
  5. Print the colour target ensuring that the printing options are as listed in the PDF file.
  6. Complete the form in the pack and mail the form and printed colour targets to Colourgen.
  7. Within 4 days of receiving the colour targets, your custom profile will be ready and we will contact you to make payment and arrange delivery.



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