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Windo PromoDek

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Stepping up your promotion has never been this easy-to-use!


PromoDek® is an easy-to-use modular floor display system that is effortlessly assembled and updated in minutes. By adding your company colours, graphics or virtually any material to the PromoDek®, you create your own unique atmosphere on a raised floor setting.

Whether showcasing a new car, adding dimension to the tradeshow floor or demonstrating a new product in a supermarket, the PromoDek® modular floor display system offers endless marketing opportunities - both large and small.

  • Tradeshow flooring
  • Product presentations
  • Dealer showrooms
  • Retail displays
  • And much more!

How Does PromoDek Work?

The PromoDek® consists of standard building elements that are easily assembled in any shape or form. You can use either 1 square metre of PromoDek® to showcase a new product or 50 square metres to raise the floor at a tradeshow.

Along with the flexibility of size and shape, the surface area of the PromoDek® can also be easily updated to suit the environment. Within minutes, you can update the complete surface area of the PromoDek® with new colours, graphics or materials.

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