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Caldera GrandRIP Plus

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Caldera's GrandRIP+ is the ultimate production workflow solution for grand format and superwide print and print to cut applications.

New in Version 11.0:

  • Harnesses power of latest Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE 4)
  • Latest MAC OS and available in multiple languages
  • Faster image processing and reduction in ink and media use
  • New PrintBleed feature to improve edge finish of canvases or edge-to-edge prints
  • 127 spot colours
  • VisualRIP+ includes: Contour Nesting, EasyMedia, PrintBoard and VisualCut
  • Powerful production workflow
  • Grand format capabilities
  • Advanced overlap and tiling management
  • Flatbed print-to-cut control
  • Now includes APPE & EasyMedia

Built for speed, reliability and flexibility, GrandRIP+ represents the cutting edge of wide-format production software, supporting all popular large-format printer manufacturers. Incorporating the key features of all Caldera’s RIP packages, including Nest-O-Matik™, Step & Repeat, SuperSpooler and Tiling+, GrandRIP+ also includes SignMark to add eyelet, stitch or fold marks on your tiled output and make finishing a breeze.

GrandRIP+ keeps your business adaptable with the ability to add extra modules, including cutting solutions and cost management, as you need them. All these powerful and indispensable tools are controlled from within one simple, intuitive user interface, allowing you to manage your production quickly, easily and seamlessly from start to finish.

ntegrated features include:

  • Tiling+ and Nest-O-Matik™ to help you optimise media usage
  • Step & Repeat so you can RIP an image once for multiple jobs
  • Hotfolders and drag-and-drop functionality to simplify your workflow
  • SuperSpooler to effortlessly manage multiple printers simultaneously, allowing you to switch jobs between queues with ease.


With a powerful ICC colour calibration engine and spot colour matching incorporated, plus a host of optional add-on modules to increase functionality, Caldera GrandRIP+ is the trusted RIP solution that will not only help to grow your business, but will also grow with it.

What Is Contour Nesting?
Contour Nesting is a new option in Caldera's Visual and Grand ranges.  It is dedicated to cut and allows you to take into account the object's real shape inside the image so it can be optimally placed to save media.  The purchase of a specific key is required to use this option.

How Does It Work? 
An image is always created in a rectangle, even for PNG files without background or with a transparent background.  Using Contour Nesting, Caldera can now find the exterior cut contour and use it to redefine the image.  This makes it possible to nest the images by taking into account their real shape and not place them as rectangular objects.  Caldera then searches for the best possible combination of images to save media

EasyMedia is a step-by-step wizard which allows you to specify the colour gamut for any print configuration with a given media.  Thanks to the simple steps in EasyMedia to calibrate transitions, linearisation and ink use, you can fine tune your colour processing for optimum stability. EasyMedia incorporates i1 Prism V2, the state-of-the-art profile builder from X-Rite so you can guarantee accurate, repeatable colour across all your devices.  Requires the Variable Display Option.

The new PrintBoard plug-in for Caldera is the first display solution of its kind to interact directly with a RIP engine.  The plug-in will allow users of Caldera's RIP software to show an overview of their production activity on-screen for all employees to see, with information including which files have recently been added to the spooler adn the number of square metres processed daily by the RIP.

PrintBoard also displays the rate per print device, the percentage of production per printer and per type of printer and the number of errors per day, alongside the sequence of jobs lined up for each device.  This allows for a quick overview of the workload and makes it easy for production managers to order jobs for optimum efficiency and productivity.

Options Available for VisualRIP+

  • CostProof
  • CostView
  • Ink Performer
  • Print Standard Verifier


Minimum Requirements

PC Configuration

Linux OS: Caldera Debian 2.x, Official Debian 8.6 Jessie (Mate desktop)
RAM: 4GB or 8GB (recommended).  Minimum 1GB per core recommended.
Processor: Intel core i3, i5 or i7 
HDD: 250GB
Monitor/video card: 1280 x 1024 resolution


MAC Configuration
MacBook Air and MacBookPro NOT supported

Hardware: Intel-based Mac Mini, iMAC or Mac Pro (recommended). 
System: OS 10.7+
RAM: 4GB or more.  Minimum 1GB recommended.
HDD: 250GB
Monitor: Resolution at least 1280 x 1024

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