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Sirocco 1080 and 1600

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Kala Sirocco 1080 - S1080002
Kala Sirocco 1600 - S1600002
Stand for Sirocco 1080 - ST1080

Kala Sirocco 1080 and 1600

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The Sirocco 1080 (42.5") and 16000 (63") offer single-sided lamination, simultaneous lamination and adhesive mounting, encapsulation (1600 only) and board mounting up to 25mm (1") thick.

The Sirocco range are medium duty machines with hot and cold top and bottom rollers to 160°C.  These laminators are the ideal solution for users with low to mid volume finishing requirements.

Sirocco 1080: SRP £5,316
Sirocco 1600: SRP £7,633

E & OE. Prices subject to change without notice.  All prices quoted exclude VAT & delivery

  • Mid volume hot and cold laminators
  • Ideal for single sided lamination, encapsulation (1600 only) and mounting
  • Ideal for mounting on to boards up to 25mm (1
  • Speed up to 3m/min
  • Adjustable heat up to 160 deg C
  • Available in 1080 (42.5

The heating system is controlled electronically via a single infra-red sensor which adjusts the same heat simultaneously to both rollers.

The Sirocco 1080 can be used as a table-top device with an optional stand if required.  The 1600 model comes with its own stand which offers storage for a roll of film and greater flexibility in terms of locating the laminator.

  Hot Cold
Mounting Yes Yes
Laminating Yes Yes
Encapsulation Yes (1600) No


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Kala Sirocco Kala Sirocco Kala Sirocco
  Sirocco 1080 Sirocco 1600
Max working width 1080mm (42.5")  1600mm (63")
Roller length 1130mm (44.5")  1674mm (66")
Roller diameter 54mm (2.1")  78mm (3.5")
Max document thickness 25mm (1")  25mm (1")
Max film thickness 125 mic/side (5 mil)  250 mic/side (10 mil)
Digital display for temperature Yes  Yes
Digital display for roller pressure Yes  Yes
Upper winding/unwinding and lower unwinding spindles Yes  Yes
Spindles with machine 3  4
Max speed 3m/min  3m/min
Reverse operation Yes  Yes
Motor control pedal Yes  Yes
Emergency stop button 2  2
Stand Optional  Yes
Electrical rewinding system Optional  Optional
Motor power (w) 100  100
Heating power (w) 2800  3400
Voltage 230V/50-60Hz single phase  230V/50-60Hz single phase
Amperes 13  16
Dimensions cm without stand (w x d x h) 142 x 62 x 58  194 x 76 x 137 (inc stand)
Dimensions cm of stand (w x d x h) 142 x 76 x 68  n/a
Weight kg without stand 122  287 (inc stand)
Weight kg of stand 42  n/a
Shipping dimensions cm (w x d x h) 180 x 105 x 100  225 x 105 x 100
Shipping weight kg 209  335
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