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Mutoh ValueJet 2638W

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The Mutoh ValueJet 2638W dye-sublimation printer features a staggered dual head setup (2 x 4-colour) and Mutoh's award-winning Intelligent Interweaving print technology to deliver high quality for volume producers.

The ValueJet 2638W offers production speeds of up to 46m²/h at 360 x 720dpi and 72m²/h at 360 x 360dpi and will support all typical dye sublimation transfer paper weights from 66gsm to 150gsm.

The printer is targetted at high-volume production of soft signage, apparel and textile printing with Mutoh Disperse Dye ink:

  • Soft signage and graphics

  • Home decoration

  • Flags and pennants

  • Sports goods

  • Apparel

  • Items such as mouse mats, umbrellas, mugs and more


Ink compatibility: Mutoh Disperse Dye Ink.  Check the ink types page for further information.

ValueJet 2638W: from SRP £35,801.05

E & OE. Prices subject to change without notice.  All prices quoted exclude VAT & delivery

  • Dye sublimation printing up to 102in
  • Staggered dual head with latest generation 1440 nozzle piezo heads
  • Production speeds up to 72sqm/h
  • Mutoh water-based VOC-free disperse dye sublimation inks
  • Environmentally friendly - high level of operator safety

Staggered Dual Head Setup
The printer incorporates a staggered dual head setup with latest generation piezo drop-on-demand variable drop 'wide model' print heads.  Each 1440 nozzle head (8 lines of 180 nozzles) incorporates four colour sections, each divided in two nozzle rows with 360 nozzles per colour.

The integrated print heads are capable of producing ink drops ranging from 3.6pl to 35.2pl.

Disperse Dye Sublimation
Mutoh Disperse Dye inks are 100% VOC free and do not contain any hazardous components.  The water-based inks have excellent nozzle stability for high speed and high volume printing.  The inks offer a large colour gamut for rich, vibrant colours and deliver in light fastness, wash fastness, rubbing and perspiration.

Stunning Performance

Quality (720 x 720dpi): 30m²/h
Production (360 x 720dpi): 46m²/h
Billboard (360 x 360dpi): 72m²/h

Maximise Profilts with Mutoh Intelligent Interweaving (i²) Print Technology
The printer incorporates Mutoh's award winning Intelligent Interweaving (i²) technology, enabling a drastic reduction or even total elimination of the horizonal banding, step mismatch banding and the visible effects of missing or misfiring nozzles.

One of the biggest benefits of this proprietary Mutoh print technology is that is offers predictable, repeatable output quality, bringing an unprecedented level of user-comfort to the operator.  i² ensures output fit for purpose every time in the shortest possible time.

Print Resolutions

360 x 720dpi
720 x 720dpi
720 x 1080dpi
720 x 1440dpi
1080 x 1440dpi

Pre-defined print modes will enable the operator to easily select the appropriate settings for the required speed/quality.  Experienced users can also set up print mode parameters.





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Keyboard - VJ-2638W Take Up Back - VJ-2638W Take Up Front - VJ-2638W Level Up - VJ-2638W
  ValueJet 2638W
Print Technology Drop-on-demand Micro Piezo Inkjet Technology
Print Head 2 (staggered set-up)
Nozzle Configuration 180 nozzles x 8 lines/head
Drop Mass Range (pl) 3.6 to 35.2
Head Heights Low: 1.5, Middle: 2.5, High: 4.0
Media Specifications   
Max Media Width 2600mm (102.36")
Max Print Width 2590mm (101.97")
Max Media Thickness 0.3/1.3/2.8mm* 
  *dependent on head height 
Media Measurements* Ø  250mm/2" & 3"/100kg
  *Standardised motorised unwinding/winding system 
Media Drying System Individually controlled pre-heater, fixer and dryer (30-50°C
Ink Specifications   
Ink Type Disperse Dye Sublimation 
Ink Volume 1000ml 
Colours CMYK 
Ink Consumption 15ml/m² 
UV Durability 3-6 months outdoor without lamination 
High Quality 720 x 1080dpi: 22m²/h
Quality N/A
Quality Production 360 x 720dpi: 30m²/h
Production 360 x 720dpi: 46m²/h
Speed Production 360 x 360dpi: 55m²/h
Billboard 360 x 360dpi: 72m²/h
Power Consumption   
During Printing 1000W
Standby 160W
Power Supply AC 100-120 V/AC 200-240 - 60/50 Hz 
Working Environment   
Temperature 22°C - 30°C with delta max 2°C/h 
Humidity 40% - 60% (no condensation) with delta RH max 5% RH/h 
Width x Depth x Height mm 3708 x 885 x 1261
Weight Kg 242 + 41 for the stand
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