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ValueJet 1938TX

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ValueJet 1938TX - VJ-1938TX

Mutoh ValueJet 1938TX

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Specifically targeted at sampling of short run on-demand and local digital production of garmets, upholstery, fashion, swimwear, interior decor fabrics, home textiles, flags etc - the new ValueJet 1938TX 75" wide dual staggered head printer, combines proven technology with a high-precision mechanical design.

Developed in Japan, Mutoh's ValueJet 1938TX incorporates technology proven to be faster, more reliable, more cost effective and more efficient to bring you the best output for your application.

Ink compatibility: Mutoh Water-Based Textile Pigmented Inks and Mutoh DS2 Universal Transfer Sublimation.    Check the ink types page for further information.

ValueJet 1938TX: SRP £38,689.55

E & OE. Prices subject to change without notice.  All prices quoted exclude VAT & delivery

  • Dual staggered head design with latest drop-on-demand piezo inkjet technology
  • Variable drop printing for different fabric weights
  • Head height up to 6mm to accommodate a wide range of fabrics
  • Typical high quality production speeds of up to 40sqm/h
  • Newly engineered high end fabric feeding
  • Integrated gutter system for open textiles

For Garment Printing Professionals
The VJ-1938TX can print on closed, open non-stretch and limited stretch fabrics thanks to the ink gutter and a newly engineered high-end fabric feeding, tensioning and take-up system which will guarantee worry-free feeding and transport of fabrics.

Using Mutoh's new water-based textile pigmented inks, the VJ-1938TX will print direct on to cotton fabrics, rayon or mixed fibre fabrics.  The printer can also use Mutoh's DS-2 series universal dye sublimation inks for direct printing onto polyester fabrics.

The Printer's Heart Beats Quality
A staggered dual head setup with latest generation variable drop piezo print heads is at the heart of the VJ-1938TX's stunning performance.  Each 1440-nozzle head (8 lines of 180 nozzles) incorporates four colour sections, divided in two nozzle rows with 360 nozzles per colour.

The integrated print heads are capable of producing ink drops ranging from 3.3pl to 45.3pl so they can produce a wider range of ink dots faster than other printheads on the market.  The result is faster output speeds and better print quality.

Worry Free Fabric Handling
The VJ-1938TX comes standard with a motorised unwinder/winder system.  Perfect fabric transport is ensured by a sensor driven front and back tensioning system, allowing perfect roll preparation for after treatment on a calendar, fixation unit , wash or even steam unit, depending on the chosen ink chemistry.  To handle different roll widths, the front and back core fixation flanges can be quickly and easily slid into position.

Thanks to the head height range between 2.5mm and 6mm, the operator can load both sort and long fibre fabrics without having to worry about print head perturbation.  A textile tensioning cylinder close to the print zone ensures that the fabric is kept under equal tension over the full printer width during printing.

The VJ-1938TX offers you a wide range of print modes and speeds with a typical high quality production speed of up to 40sqm/h.


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Rear of Printer Cover Open No Print Take-Up Detail
  ValueJet 1938TX
Key Specifications  
Print Technology Drop-on-demand Micro Piezo Inkjet Technology
Print Head 2 (staggered set up)
Nozzle Configuration 180 nozzles x 8 lines/head
Drop Mass Range (pl) 3.3 to 45.3
Head Heights Low: 2.5mm
Middle: 3.5mm
High: 6.0mm
Media Specifications  
Max Media Width 1910mm (75")
Max Print Width 1900mm (74.80") 
Max Media Thickness 1.3/2.3/3.5mm (dependent on head height)
Media Measurements Ø250mm/2" & 3"/100kg  
Fabric Unwinding Supports both face-in and face-out rolled fabrics
Fabric Winding Face-in (tension only)/Face-out (tension or slack)
High Quality (720 x 1080) 6 p 15.0 sqm/h 
Quality (360 x 1080) 6 p 19.0 sqm/h 
Quality Production (720 x 720) 4 p 26.0 sqm/h 
Production (360 x 1080) 3 p 40.0 sqm/h 
Speed Production (360 x 720) 2 p 44.0 sqm/h 
Billboard 67.0 sqm/h
High Speed Production (360 x 360) 1p 73.0 sqm/h
Ink Specifications   
Ink Type 1 DS2-series Universal Transfer Sublimation Ink
Ink Volume 1000 ml
Colours CMYK
Ink Type 2 Water-Based Pigmented Direct Textile Inks
Ink Volume 1000ml (required optional adapter)
Colours CMYK
Power Consumption   
During Printing <360W 
Standby/Sleep/Power Off ± 0.5W/±60W
Power Supply AC 100-240V 60/50 Hz 
Rec Working Environment  
Temperature 22°C - 30°C with max 2°C/h
Humidity 40% to 60% (no condensation) with RH: max 5% RH/h
Width x Depth x Height 2983 x 1134 x 1261mm 
Weight 349 kg
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