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Mutoh ValueJet 1626UH

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The new ValueJet 1626UH 64" (165cm) wide LED UV hybrid printer will deliver high quality prints on to a wide variety of roll and rigid media up to 15mm thick including ABS, Alu-Board, PC, PE, PET, PMMA (acrylic), PP, PS, PVC, uncoated Tyvek and glass.  Using the optional white ink the VJ-1626UH will print on to clear media for graphics that stand out while the optional varnish creates a great gloss finish.

An energy efficient latest-generation LED UV lamp ensures ultra-sharp, safe and ready to use output and its reduced working temperatures also allow printing on to heat sensitive substrates.

The ValueJet 1626UH is ideal for high quality graphics and short viewing distances such as trade-show graphics, POP, customised interior decor, small run packaging prototypes, banners, posters and more.  Both flex and rigid inks are available.

Ink compatibility: Mutoh LED UV Ink. 
Check the ink types page for further information.

ValueJet 1626UH (excluding tables for rigid output): SRP £30,514.55

E & OE. Prices subject to change without notice.  All prices quoted exclude VAT & delivery

  • 1625mm (64in) wide LED UV rigid and roll to roll printing
  • CMYK LED UV inks - optional white and varnish
  • Output immediately ready to handle
  • Low energy consumption and low temperatures
  • 0% VOC - non HAP - no outgassing - no mercury - no lead

Latest 1440 dpi Piezo Print Head
The ValueJet 1626UH printer incorporates a latest generation piezo drop-on-demand variable drop print head.  This 1440-nozzle head (8 lines of 180 nozzles) incorporates four colour sections, each divided in two nozzle rows with 360 nozzles per colour.  Since all the colour sections are united in one head, there is no need for time-consuming head to head calibration procedures.  The print head is capable of producing ink drops from 3.8 to 28pl.

LED UV Inks for Ultra-Sharp, Safe Output
Mutoh's new LED UV CMYK + white inks and varnish are completely VOC-free and do not contain any hazardous air pollutants (non-HAPs)

An energy-efficient latest generation LED UV lamp ensures ultra-sharp, safe and ready to use prints.  Its reduced working temperatures allow printing onto heat sensitive substrates.  Compared to 'classic' UV printing, Mutoh LED UV technology provides a state-of-the-art health and safety environment: no ozone generation and free from mercury or lead.

Roll & Rigid Media
With front & rear roller tables, the printer accommodates rigid materials up to 15mm thick with a maximum weight of 15kg.  Media thickness is measured electronically and head height is adjusted automatically.  Media loading is quick and easy with the media alignment option.  For motorised roll up of roll media, the ValueJet 1626UH has an optional tension winder system, taking rolls up to 30kg.  Conversion from rigid to roll mode and vice versa only takes a minute.

Maximise Your Profit with Mutoh Intelligent Interweaving (i²) Technology
The ValueJet 1626UH incorporates Mutoh's award-winning Intelligent (i²) print technology, enabling a drastic reduction or even total elimination of the typical difficulties inherent in conventional digital UV printing.  Dedicated i² print effects for the Mutoh LED UV inks have engineered ensuring a drastic reduction of the curing structure in the ink layer and gloss banding suppression.

One of the biggest benefits of this proprietary Mutoh print technology is that it offers predictable and repeatable output quality fit for purpose every time.

Wide Choice of Media
The ValueJet 1626UH LED UV printer will deliver high quality prints on to a huge variety of roll and rigid media including ABS, Alu-Board, PC, PE, PET, PMMA (acrylic), PP, PS, PVC, uncoated Tyvek and glass*  When used with the white ink option, you can also print onto a wide variety of transparent media.

* Ink adhesion will vary depending on substrate type and brand.  Individual testing recommended.

The ValueJet 1626UH will produce high quality graphics for short viewing distances such a trade show graphics, POP, customised interior decor, small run packaging prototypes, banners and posters. The varnish option will add a smooth, glossy finish.

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VJ-1626UH Media Alignment VJ-1626UH_No_Print VJ_1626UH_Rigid_Out VJ-1626UH_Rigid_Out_2 VJ_1626UH_Rigid_No_Print VJ-1626UH_Roll_Print
ValueJet 1626UH
Rigid Media Specifications  
Min/Max Media Width 182mm (7.17")/1625mm (63.97")
Max Print Width 1615mm (63.58")
Max Media Length 1200mm (47.24")
Max Media Thickness 15mm
Max Media Weight 15kg
Ink Drying System Long life LED UV curing lamp
ValueJet 1626UH Ink
Ink Type LED UV inks
Ink Colours/Volume CMYK + Varnish: 220ml cassette
White: 220ml cassette

CMYK + White + Varnish (CMYK+Wh+Va)
Max Media Weight 4kg
Performance sqm/hour   4-colour 6-colour
   CMYK  CMYK Only  White Only Layer Print*
1440 x 1440 Uni 1.34                        0.56                     1.34                   0.38
1440 x 1440 Bi 2.43                        1.03                     2.43                   0.69
720 x 1440 Uni 2.70                        1.27                     2.70                   0.73
720 x 1440 Bi 4.88                        2.31                     4.88                   1.33
720 x 1080 Bi 6.45                        3.28                     6.45                   1.67
720 x 720 Bi 9.50                        4.88                     9.50                   2.65
* CMYK+White+Varnish  
Ink Specifications   

LED UV Inks - CMYK + White + Varnish
Ink Configurations: CMYK (CCMMYK)
                              CMYK + white + varnish (CMYK+Wh+Va)

Ink Product Code Description
VJ-LUH1-BK200E Black LED UV Ink - 220ml cass
VJ-LUH1-CY200E Cyan LED UV Ink - 220ml cass
VJ-LUH1-MA200E Magenta LED UV Ink - 220ml cass
VJ-LUH1-YE200E Yellow LED UV Ink - 220ml cass
VJ-LUH1-WH200E White LED UV Ink - 220ml cass
VJ-LUH1-VA200E Varnish LED UV Ink - 220ml cass
VJ-LUH1-CL200E Cleaning LED UV Ink - 220ml cass
VJ-LUH1-BK800E Black LED UK Ink - 800ml bag
VJ-LUH1-CY800E Cyan LED UV Ink - 800ml bag
VJ-LUH1-MA800E Magenta LED UV Ink - 800ml bag
VJ-LUH1-YE800E Yellow LED UV Ink - 800ml bag
VJ-LUH1-WH500E White LED UV Ink - 500ml
VJ-LUH1-VA800E Varnish LED UV Ink - 800ml
VJ-HCIPADPT-UV6 Ink Adapter Set (6 adapters)
US11-BK220E Black Flex LED UV Ink -220ml
US11-CY220E Cyan Flex LED UV Ink - 220ml
US11-MA220E Magenta Flex LED UV Ink - 220ml
US11-VA220E Varnish Flex LED UV Ink - 220ml
US11-WH220E White Flex LED UV Ink - 220ml
US11-YE220E Yellow Flex LED UV Ink - 220ml


Power Consumption   
During Printing < 318W 
In Stand-By 55W
Power Supply AC 100-120V/AC 200-240 - 60/50 Hz
Rec Working Environment  
Temperature 20°C - 32°C with max 2°C/h
Humidity 40% to 60% (no condensation) with RH: max 5% RH/h
Width x Depth x Height 2698 x 818 x 1261mm (roll)
2698 x 2730 x 1261mm (rigid)
Weight 202kg (roll)
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