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HydroSol Wide Format Inkjet Media

HydroSol® coatings were developed from scratch for the best possible results across full, mild and eco-solvent inks, most importantly to enable the use of polyester in those applications where the value of dimensional stability, flatness and clarity are paramount.

The HydroSol® range is based mainly on tough polyester films for better stability and durability.  However, the distinguishing feature of HydroSol® is its 'Hydro' (water-based) coating formulation.

Safer and cleaner for our environment (to produce and dispose of), there is no solvent content in the coating and no VOC from the base film (unlike PVC).  This does not compromise quality however.  HydroSol® materials retain the ability to generate a high degree of water-resistance, high ink absorption, fast drying times and maximum vibrancy, all with excellent anti-static back coatings to allow better roll feed.

From roll-up, pop-up and scroll display to backlit film, window film and temporary/repositionable signage, HydroSol® has a wide range of finishes to suit your needs.  The HydroSol® range is compatible with Mutoh, Seiko II, Roland, Mimaki, Oce, Vutek and more.


Download HydroSol® Spec Sheets


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