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Epson Wide Format Media

Epson's extensive range of inkjet media has been designed to meet the needs of artists, photographers and print production specialists who require quality, long-lasting, fade-resistant images along with flexibility and fast turn-around times.  Whether you need to create stunning photography, works of art, a high-end customer brochure, roll-up display, POS material or a technical drawing, Epson has the right media to match your digital print requirements.

With Epson's professional canvas range, fine artists and photographers can create exquisite, museum-quality prints that boast consistent, precise colours with sharp detail. The poly/cotton blends, available with a satin or matte coating and distinct textures, give the appearance that the printed output is the work of a true artist.  Fine artists and photographers looking to deliver colour brilliance and create uniform colours and accurate skin tones, will love the Epson range of high quality canvas.

Matte Papers
Epson's range of matte papers are all about quality and choice.  Offering exceptional colour reproduction, smooth texture and excellent highlight and shadow detail, the Epson matte paper portfolio helps to extend the creativity of professional photographers, digital artists and hobbyists alike.  For photographers requiring a flat matte surface, the bright white papers produce highly saturated images with brilliant highlight and shadow detail.  The range is also easy to laminate.

Photo Papers
Offering the perfect balance of finish and surface, Epson Premium Photo Papers provide the professional digital photographer with an exhibition grade print worthy of display.  From portraiture to landscape, these instant drying papers produce vivid, life-like images that expand the realms of photographic creativity.  The range includes a paper with a lustre surface - traditionally favoured by wedding, fine art and portrait photographers, a gloss surface offering outstanding colour gamut an a semi-gloss finish for reduced glare.

For practitioners who require a more traditional feel photo paper, Epson's fibre-based Traditional Photo Paper combines the artistry of traditional photography with the ease and control of digital output.

Fine Art
Epson's fine art media range is designed to meet the needs of professional artists and photographers who require true archival print media in a variety of weights an surface textures.  Epson offers acid-free, 100% cotton papers designed to deliver rich details and exceptional finish for black and white and colour images.

Production Media
Optimise your throughput with Epson's range of versatile and robust production media, designed to deliver professional quality, outstanding printability and consistent colour performance.  The Epson production range has been specially developed for CAD, GIS, POS indoor and outdoor graphics.  Print large, detailed technical drawings on bond, coated and presentation papers that show crisp lines, high-contrast colour and sharp characters as small as 1mm.

For exhibitions, events and window displays applications, the banner materials offer an excellent solution for colourful displays that are suitable for indoor and short-term outdoor use.  The polytextile materials are suitable for a number of display applications, including backlit display when printed with a high ink coverage.

Epson Proofing Papers are ideal for graphic professionals who need to produce colour-accurate print emulsions.  These papers have a gloss and white points designed to match colour-critical commercial press applications and optimised for professional proofing to the latest standards.

Epson's durable synthetic paper range is engineered specifically for display applications that require outstanding durability and resilience for the most demanding applications.  The smooth matte surfaces, coated on durable polypropylene or PET base materials, deliver high quality output and accurate colour reproduction.  Enhanced Synthetic Paper is well suited for indoor banners and short term outdoor signage production and is also availiable as a self-adhesive version, allowing quick and easy mounting of printed output.  For display work or advertisements, Matte Backlit Film evenly distributes the back light which, together with an excellent black density and vibrant colour rendition ehances any advertising campaign.


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