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28/02/2018 - Colourgen & Mutoh Bring Creativity to Life at Sign & Digital UK 2018

This year the organisers of Sign & Digital UK are bringing creativity to life and what better place to start your visit than the Colourgen stand (L42).

Showing Mutoh’s LED UV printers the ValueJet 426UF (A3+) and ValueJet 1638UH (64” flatbed and roll to roll) we aim to show just how diverse and profitable the applications can be using this technology – from art to awards, industrial applications, consumer gadgets and more.


‘With recent developments in this area – more flexible inks and a huge range of substrates and printable blanks now available, creativity is the key business argument for sign-makers to look closely at how the technology can benefit them.  It’s all about offering customers more choice, expanding the signmaker’s portfolio of services and adding more creative options to those services’, says Colourgen’s Business Development Manager, Phil Donoghue.


The level of investment required to enter new markets is relatively low these days, Mutoh’s LED UV printers provide a host of application opportunities at relatively low capital expenditure. These printers are very easy to operate.


The Mutoh ValueJet 426UF A3+ desktop printer is ideal for gadgets such as phone cases and key rings,  but is also perfect for industrial labelling, bespoke signage and creative image applications.  Relatively low investment means signmakers can invest and get an ROI easily and quickly.


DecTek in South Wales use the ValueJet 426UF and offer two services, one where the customer provides the product and they print on to it and the other where DecTek provides polyurethane, resin-coated products printed for branding, marketing and advertising.  ‘We produce industrial labels and industrial signs on the VJ-426UF’ says Mike Beese, DecTek’s Managing Director, ‘as well as printing on to promotional products such as computer mice, poker chips and highlighter pens’, he adds.


Another user of the ValueJet 426UF is IPS Graphics, a bespoke industrial printing company which produces labels, nameplates, membrane switch panels and industrial graphics – mostly printed onto polyester and polycarbonate films.


The bigger brother of the VJ-426UF is the new ValueJet VJ-626UF*, 6-colour (CMYK, White, Varnish) A2-size flatbed LED UV printer. A wide variety of solid materials and objects up to a thickness of 150 mm (5.9”) can be printed.

An optional rotary system enables the ValueJet 626UF to print on cylindrical objects with a diameter up to 120 mm and a length of 360 mm.

Offering a bed size of 594 x 483 mm (19” x 23.4”), the printer is targeted at short-run personalisation of gifts & gadgets, packaging prototypes, awards, specialty industrial items, labels, decals, signs, etc.. 


Taking it up a step, the Mutoh ValueJet Hybrid models VJ1638 UH and VJ1626 UH (64” wide, dual head/single head) can print onto both roll and rigid material which opens up even more opportunities. All models are available with flexible ink which makes them an even more attractive proposition.  They provide exceptionally high quality graphics for short viewing distances such as trade show graphics, POS/POP, customised interior decoration, artwork, small lot packaging prototypes, banners and posters.  Varnish and white inks are supplied at the same price as CMYK inks to handle transparent or non-white substrates without losing colour power allowing the user to create special print effects and multi-layer printing for prints with high added value.


Uniquely one of the biggest benefits of the proprietary Mutoh print technology (Intelligent Interweaving i²) is the reduction of the curing structure in the ink layer and gloss banding suppression. This is especially noticeable in difficult solids and certain colours compared to other printers.


This offers the signmaker predictable and repeatable output quality.  Mutoh ValueJet users will be able to print ideal quality images fit for purpose every time, in the shortest possible time which is key when entering a new market.

*not present at Sign & Digital UK


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Colourgen is the UK’s leading specialist distributor of large format digital colour printing solutions, consumables, bespoke software, engineering and technical support services. The Company is the exclusive UK distributor for the Mutoh Sign & Display, Speciality/Industrial, Dye Sublimation and Direct to Textile printers.  It is also the UK’s exclusive distributor for the Dimense structured wallcovering printer.  Colourgen also distributes EPSON’s aqueous large format printers and consumables and the Kala range of laminators and finishing products. Colourgen specialises in delivering total solutions including software from EFI, Caldera and ProofMaster based on the industry’s best, most reliable products together with unrivalled consultancy, installation, technical support, maintenance and training.

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